The Samyata Ecosystem - A New Way to Shop


We are excited to announce the Samyata Ecosystem! Fusing digital and physical, Samyata is working to change the face of retail. We want to take the advantages of big box stores like Target and Walmart and make them available to everyone, leveling the playing field. Based on geographic location, the ecosystem has three parts: Samyata, Samyata Store, and Samyata Personal Shopper, bringing all aspects of buying/selling into one, seamless experience.

Shopping is all about convenience - we want to know what we’re buying and we want it ASAP. E-commerce can be frustrating because it takes a day or more to actually get the product, but it can be equally frustrating to figure out if a store near you carries it. The Samyata app fixes that. Shoppers search for a product and can see the stores near them that have it in stock, letting Shoppers get what they’re looking for immediately. In the middle of a project you can’t step away from, or just don’t want to leave your house? No problem - in addition to being able to pick up the product in-store, the Samyata app lets you request a Personal Shopper who will hand-deliver your order. Get all the convenience of e-commerce while simultaneously supporting local businesses. Download the app on the App or Play Store, and shop with a tap.

Want to earn extra money while working as much or little as you want? Become a Samyata Personal Shopper! Pick your own hours, and because the ecosystem is location-based you are guaranteed to not need to travel huge distances to make a single delivery. We consider Personal Shoppers to be a vital part of the ecosystem and want to treat them as such, which is why they receive 70% of each delivery fee. Interested? Download the Samyata Personal Shopper app on the App or Play Store.

Samyata Store (available on iOS, Android, and Web) is designed to support businesses of all sizes in an increasingly competitive environment. Samyata puts the inventory of several stores on one platform, making it a “one-stop shop” and providing stores with the exposure benefits of an online marketplace without the associated shipping or storage costs. In addition to the exposure, businesses get delivery options, inventory management, revenue tracking, and analytical tools - all included in a Samyata Store subscription. Plus, using deyaPay, transfers between user accounts have a 0.5% processing fee, which is much lower than most credit cards. Those savings are passed on to the business, keeping your money with you.

We believe that the community that shops together, grows together. Start getting the most out of your buying/selling experience now by downloading the apps on the App or Play Store, or learn more on


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